Our history

  • How long have we been open for?

    We opened our doors on Feb 16, 2016. It still feels like yesterday.

  • Why is it called Mile End?

    Mile End is the name of the suburb in Montreal where the two original and famous wood-fired bagel shops are located (St. Viateur and Fairmount).

  • Who are the owners/founders?

    Mile End is owned by its two founders Ben Vaughan & Michael Fee. They keep a low profile, however, they'd be thrilled to receive invitations to events & opportunities (specifically Reality TV & Morning Breakfast shows) around town where they can spread the good word relating to wood fired bagels and the hospitality industry.

Employment and locations

  • Can you please open up in my neighbourhood?

    Sure! However, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. Email us where you’d like us to open next and we’ll put it on our short list.

  • I’ve got a space for you to open up a shop!

    Wow, that’s cool! Please send us an email with more details.

  • I want a job at Mile End, are you hiring?

    We advertise job vacancies on seek, scout & our instagram but if you think you’re everything we’ve been looking for, send us an email today!


  • Do we deliver?

    Yes, we offer delivery via UberEats.

  • Do we offer catering?

    We're extremely excited to be launching our official catering menu this year! It's taken us way too long. We can't wait to cater all the endless events that take place in this vibrant city! While we wait for our online catering menu to go live, send us an email and we'll see if we can get things rolling for you now!

  • Is it true you have your own app?

    Yep, we have an app. You should download it, set up an account and use it to order ahead for "click & collect" convenience. Every dollar spent on our app earns you points that can be exchanged for store credit. We also run app exclusive offers and discounts from time to time. What are you waiting for? Download it here; ios or android.

  • Do you sell Gift Cards?

    Yes! We have both physical gift cards & E-gift cards. Physical gift cards can be purchased at all of our stores and E-gift cards can be purchased here.

The product

  • What is a Montreal bagel?

    A Montreal bagel has a sweeter dough, is boiled in honey water and cooked in a wood-fired oven.

  • What makes Mile End Bagels different?

    A few things; our wood fired bagel oven (the first of its kind in Australia; our Montreal bagel recipe; and our founders' determination to create the perfect bagel experience.

  • Do we offer gluten free bagels?

    Unfortunately not at this point in time. We'd like to at some point in the future BUT realistically this will never be 100% certified gluten free because of our small bakery set-up.

Our contacts


  • How do we best contact you?

    The best ways are via email or Instagram.

  • Do we take requests?

    We can definitely listen to them but we can’t guarantee that we can fulfil them.

  • How can we let you know how much we love/hate you?

    The best ways are via email or Instagram.

Allergens & dietary info

  • What's in your bagel dough?

    Our bagel recipe contains the following; gluten enriched flour; vegetable oil; malt flour; sugar; yeast; & eggs. The bagels are also boiled in honey-water and coated in various seeds that may all contain traces of nuts from the manufacturing process. If you have serious life threatening allergies we strongly recommend avoiding the risk for your own safety.

  • Is your cream cheese pasteurised?

    Yep, it's pasteurised! All cheese for sale in Australia must be pasteurised.

  • I'm a little bit allergic to xxxx ingredient. Can you make sure there's none of xxxx ingredient in my bagel?

    Honestly, we can't guarantee that there won't be scenarios where cross contamination occurs. It's an area of continuous improvement for us but the reality is we work in small spaces at a fast pace. We don't want anyone to have a life threatening experience as a result of eating our products so if it's a serious allergy, we strongly recommend avoiding the potential risk for your own safety.